The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… In Bohol!

Last Friday, August 22, 2014, we headed to Bohol to visit the Bellevue Bohol Resort that my parents and some other bloggers, were invited to blog about. We did do a lot within the span of hardly 3 days, but I am not going to talk about every single thing that we did during our trip, just a brief summary of it.

On our first day, as we arrived in Bohol, we headed straight for the resort, which was 30 minutes away from the airport. When we arrived at The Bellevue Resort, we were greeted by the staff, we were brought to our room where we unpacked our stuff and tried to relax for a while before heading out to the beach that was right beside the resort. At the beach, I, along with my dad and sister, played a few rounds of Frisbee while my mom went around the place to take pictures for blogging purposes. Did I mention that we arrived here in Bohol at around 3 in the afternoon? That means we only had a short amount of time to hangout at the beach before the sun went down. And the sun did go down in no time, but we did have enough time to have fun in the sand. After frolicking under the sun, we eventually had to go back to our room to freshen up before we headed out again to have dinner that was prepared for us by the people at the resort.

Dinner. It was good. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. Surprisingly, their Adobo pizza was good! I didn’t think it was even possible to put Adobo and pizza together! For the other dishes like the Clam Chowder, US Tenderloin on Tomato Risotto, Banana Blossom Salad and Kinilaw na Tanigue served with Fresh Garden Greens and Balsamic Reduction, they were good as well. After dinner, we went back to our rooms, cleaned ourselves up, and went to sleep.

We had to wake up at 4 am in the morning the next day in order for us to catch the Dolphins and to go snorkeling. Since the trip to Balicasag Island took about 30-45 minutes, we had breakfast on the boat. Upon arrival at our destination, we put on our sunblock lotion, grabbed our goggles and mouthpieces and dove into the water. At first, I wasn’t that scared of the water, but I started to panic when I saw the drop underwater and that I couldn’t see anything beyond that anymore, and at that point, I just had to swim back to the boat. I never went back in the water again. After we had finished snorkeling, we headed straight for the sandbar. We stayed there for like an hour or so before heading back to the resort.

As we arrived back at the resort, we said goodbye to the other bloggers that were with us on the boat trip because we would be separating from them for a while to do a little sightseeing of our own. We went out to see the Chocolate hills, the tarsiers, some of the churches that were ruined by the earthquake a couple of months back, and bought a few souvenirs to bring with us back to Manila. After our sightseeing around Bohol, we arrived back at the resort in time for the buffet dinner that was also prepared for us by the staff of Bellevue. The dinner was just as good as the dinner that was prepared for us the previous night. After dinner, a friend of my parents said that we would be doing the, “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” the next morning, right before leaving the resort. When I heard that I was also part of the challenge, I was like, “Even I’m part of  it??”, I didn’t want to get wet so early in the morning! So off to bed we went.

Morning came quickly, we washed our faces, met up with the other bloggers over breakfast, did a little chitchatting, and since we were already going to get ourselves wet later on, I excused myself from the table to go back out to the beach and to have fun for a while before having to leave the resort. The friends of my parents also went to the beach to have some fun as well. The time came when we were told that we were going to do the challenge already, but I’m not going to tell you what happened, you’ll just have to watch the video below of us doing it!

And because I just had to nominate someone, I nominated my friend, Renzo Serrano!

Also! For all you guys and gals who would like to donate and help fund for helping find a cure for ALS, you can donate at or at You do not have to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in order to donate. Any amount will do.

Back to the trip.

After doing the challenge, we went back to our rooms, packed our stuff, left the resort, and headed straight to the airport for our flight back to Manila.

The short vacation was very fun, although, since it was just in a span of roughly 3 days, it was really tiring since our schedule was very jam-packed. But it was very fun indeed.

If I was asked to go back to Bohol, I wouldn’t think twice about going back. I recommend that you guys visit Bohol. It is a must for tourists.

Here are some of the pics from our trip! (Some of the pictures are from

photo 2-1

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 5



Circle of Life acapella in a subway!

I am not even going to put a really long description of what I think of this video. Please do watch it yourself. All I can say is that…THIS IS VERY AWESOME!

What do you guys think of it? If you were in that subway train, would you get irritated once they started singing, or would you just try to enjoy the moment? Let me know by telling me in the comments below! Enjoy!

SDCC Avengers: Age of Ultron concept art banner!

Hey guys! Sorry if it took so long for me to post this but here it is! These are the last two concept art from Age of Ultron!





And the one we have all been waiting for… The complete concept art banner of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!!!


Very awesome if I may say! So many Ultron drones! So much mayhem! Much wow! Damn it! I can’t wait till next year!!!!

Minimate madness!

Lego? With articulation like action figures? Is there such a thing? Of course! They’re called Minimates!

Minimates are from Diamond Select, they are only 2 inches tall, but what they lack in height, they make up for it with accessories, amazing details, and 14 points of articulation!!! These toys…ehem… Figures, pack a punch! Who knew that these figures that stood 2 inches tall could have so much to offer!

These action figures come in many variations, including characters from: Marvel, Star Trek, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tomb Raider, Ratchet and Clank, Battle Beasts, Ghost Busters, and many more! (I would love to include DC, but they already discontinued their line, but some stores still sell them, though they are a tad more expensive than the regular Minimates.)

And just like Lego, you can also customize your own figure by swapping pieces from other Minimates! Yes! You can mix and match! Cool, right? DUH!!!

I love Lego, and no other toy can ever compete with Lego and win, but in terms of articulation and being able to pose them in different positions, Minimates will win over Lego by a landslide.

The Minimates you see below are from my own personal collection, and these are only a few of what I have.

2014-08-01 10.51.37 1

2014-08-01 10.53.04 1

2014-08-04 08.01.58 1

2014-08-01 10.56.22 1

2014-08-01 10.54.20 1

As a tip to future Minimate collectors, start by buying loose figures, they are way cheaper than the boxed ones or join groups on Facebook that are dedicated to buying and selling Minimates so that you can find very cheap figures.

Tell me what you think of Minimates by commenting below!

A simple review of Guardians of The Galaxy

I just watched Guardians of The Galaxy last night with my dad, and it was spectacular!

If you’ve read my first post about GOTG, then you should know that I wasn’t entirely excited when I found out that they were making a movie of the comic book characters. That is, until I saw the trailer and got pumped up for the film, and last night, I was able to find out why Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 90% rating.

From the characters, to the character of each character, the story, and everything else, it was just perfect.

I won’t really talk about everything that happened in the movie. Why? Because you should go out, watch the movie, and find out for yourself.

The movie was action-packed, full of humor, had a bit of sadness, and it was also full of the epic “I AM GROOT” line. If there was anything else I wanted Marvel to have included in the movie, it would have been Rocket’s “Blam! murdered you!” line.

If you love Batista in WWE, you are really going to love his character Drax in this film. Batista really pulled off his role in this movie with flying colors.

It is really a feel good movie. Even the soundtrack, which was so retro, was so cool that it gave the movie a different feel to it. The actors and actresses were well casted, everyone fit their role perfectly!

And speaking of roles and characters, I’m going to reveal one spoiler from the movie (which some of you already know)… Thanos was in the movie, and not just in his hologram form but also in the flesh. We all know that Josh Brolin was going to portray the mad titan, but when I saw Thanos, I was like, “That can’t be Josh Brolin, it doesn’t look like him.” to me, it was like Thanos was real and that he wasn’t portrayed by anyone else. Him being there makes the movie really worth watching.

I’ll end this post right here before I get to type more spoilers, but if you want to know what happened in the movie, head on over to Wikipedia. 

If some of you are not sure if whether you’re going to watch it or not, please do watch it. It is worth your time. I promise you that,