Play-Doh extruder tool controversy

An extruder tool that looks like a penis. Who in the right mind would approve of that design?! So stupid! If you were selling “adult” toys to “adult” people, then that would be so much better. But your target, is to sell to KIDS! There are kids out there who have very mature minds at such a young age.

For those who have not yet seen the extruder/genitalia tool, here are some pictures:

It comes with this set:

And this is the controversial tool:

And here’s someone complaining on Play-Doh’s Facebook page:

Fortunately, Play-Doh did apologize for the incident:

I appreciate that Play-Doh apologized for their mistake, but seriously, how do you mess up such a thing as a penis looking toy? The head designer must have been pretty stupid to approve of such a design. Same goes with each and every person in the company for not complaining about the design.

(Photos courtesy of Google)