Beach vibes

T’was very hot, not gonna lie.

Went to this beach in Batangas during our staycation at Lima Park Hotel. Sun was great, was able to kayak with the fam, and of course, take photos.

Since we were at the beach, why not go for a tropical outfit, right? And yes, I did wear sneakers coz why not?

I’m not one to wear shirts like this or long sleeved button down shirts, but this was light, breezy, and very easy to wear along with the orange shorts, and a pair of white sneakers to cap off the outfit.

Waddya guys think? What’s your go-to-outfit when you’re at the beach and you kinda wanna dress up nicely? Lemme know down below!

TOP: Brandless button down shirt

BOTTOM: Brandless above knee length orange shorts

SNEAKERS: Adidas Superstars

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