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The Red Band trailer for the Deadpool movie has been officially released!

For all the young readers under the age of 18 out there, do not watch this trailer. Do not watch it. R-18 for a reason people. 

Since the leak of the trailer during the SDCC, the cam recorded trailer has become viral already on almost all social media platforms. 

Unlike Warner Bros, who officially released the trailer to The Suicide Squad due to them not being able to contain the leaked trailer, 20th Century Fox did not try to contain it (or maybe they did, but I don’t think they’d be able to do it) but promised to release the trailer soon.

And they did. 

The trailer. Is. Awesome. R-18 baby!

Check out the trailer!

What do you think? I’m excited to see the movie! 

Leave a comment below about what you think of the trailer!

Quick review of the season premier of The Walking Dead Season 5

This season is probably going to be the best season in the history of the Walking Dead series. I always thought that the third season was the best, I guess I was wrong. The season finale of the fourth season ended with a very nice cliffhanger, and it’s where the first episode of the fifth season took place.

Will there be spoilers in this review? A bit, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

If you guys have read moviepilot.com’s post about this season of The Walking Dead, then you might know the things that I am about to say.

1. Are they cannibals? -Yes

2. Are they ever going to make it out of Terminus? -Yes

3. Is anyone going to die? – A whole lot of people will die.

4. Anyone in particular? – You’ll have to find out.

5. Is anything going to happen to Judith? -No.

6. Where is Beth? -No one knows yet.

7. Garrett?- He got shot. But still alive, as shown in previous teasers

I just love the season premier. From the very start of the episode till the ending, it will leave you breathless. The episode is so action-packed, and yet, it will still leave you with questions yet to be answered.

And before I get to say anything else, I’ll end it right here. Otherwise, “I might screw up with the wrong people”.

If you want to find out more about the episode, go watch it yourselves! or you can just go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis yourself.

Also, wait until the end of the credits. A fan favorite will be making a comeback.