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I’ve been wanting this shirt for a while now but I haven’t been able to get one since the stores near me DO NOT have this in stock. I mean, c’mon man, WHY?! It’s a sought after shirt and you don’t have it in stock? SMH.

Fast forward to a few days ago (same time I got my pink H&M shirt), but just to make the long story short, I saw the shirt, I tried the shirt, I bought the shirt. It was that simple. No more second thoughts. I had to get it. Though I was thinking of getting the sweater instead of the shirt, but with the unpredictable weather (which is hot and dry most of the time), the shirt was more reasonable to get, and it was cheaper. 

I got this shirt at Pop Culture inside Trinoma for P400.

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Arsenal in Arrow!

All geared up and ready to go, Colton Haynes is back to reprise his role as Roy Harper for the third season of the hit TV show, “Arrow”. But seeing him play Roy Harper again is just boring, right? That is why the CW has released a brand new pic of him sporting his new costume as Arsenal, which includes: A red leather jacket (similar to the Arrow’s outfit but.. RED.), also a red domino mask, and of course his own “red” bow.


Photo source: ign.com

I can’t wait to see more of Roy Harper dressed up as Arsenal! Get to see him and the other members of Arrow back on the boob tube this October for its third season.