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Richard “Rip” Hamilton in Manila!

Me and my dad were given an opportunity to meet and greet Rip Hamilton!

A one time NBA playoffs champion (2004), and a three time NBA All-star (2006-2008), Rip Hamilton went to Manila to host a basketball clinic for the young children who wants to become better in playing ball.

Rip taught the kids how to pass the ball properly (chest pass, bounce pass) and how to make a proper jumpshot (follow-through) .

After the event, we were able to have a session, along with a few other people, with Rip Hamilton. I didn’t ask any questions, my dad did all the questioning, I just wanted an autograph and a picture with him.

Here are some of the pictures!

And here’s me with Rip!

Pardon my face, It was just too hot where we got to meet Rip and obviously, I look exhausted.

Here is my dad talking to Rip!

And also, I was able to get an NBA CARES shirt! Plus, Rip’s autograph!

This day was very wonderful, indeed.